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Power of Stories

Let me tell you a story about the famous Persian folk character, Nasruddin. One day, he was sitting under a tree when he saw a man coming. “What are you doing?” asked the man. “I am thinking of what I should do with my life,” said Nasruddin. The man sat down and told him his life story. Nasruddin listened to it carefully and then said: ‘You are not thinking of what you should do with your life; you are thinking of what your life is doing to you! You should be thinking about how to make your life happen!’ We are all drawn to stories. They give us hope, inspiration, and a sense of belonging. Great stories can change the world.  A story can be about anything - a personal experience, an event that happened in your life or someone else’s life.  It is said that a story can make you laugh or cry, but it can also make you think and learn something new about yourself or others.  Stories are powerful because they allow people to connect with one another through emotion and empathy which makes th