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How to Break Bad Habits?

A habit is a routine or pattern of behavior that has become associated with a particular cue. When someone wants to form a new habit, they typically try to associate the cue with the most positive feeling or result, so when the person experiences the desired moment of reinforcement, they will be more likely to repeat it.   The concept of habits extends beyond just personal habits. It can be applied to health and wellness as well as business and social situations. For example, if we want people to exercise more often, we should consider using cues such as walking your dog or taking your dog for a walk in order to increase their motivation.    Plato emphasized that the mind is a blank slate with no innate knowledge, but it can be shaped by experience. Aristotle argued that this is not true and there was already a "form" or idea in the mind which one could not escape.   As technology has evolved, so has our understanding of how the human mind works. Modern philosophers argue tha