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Folk Psychology of Belief, Desire, Intention, and Action

Folk psychology refers to our intuitive understanding about why people do what they do. It is the commonsense theory that underlies our ordinary understanding about people's internal states such as their desires, beliefs, or intentions.  Folk psychology is a tool that people use to make sense of their environment. It views human beings as uniquely self-aware and able to understand themselves in a way that other animals cannot. Folk psychology posits that we can understand other people by understanding ourselves. Folk psychology conceives of the mind as being composed of different kinds of mental states, including beliefs, desires, and intentions. Beliefs are the mental representations of the world around us. Beliefs are often formed by the way in which our experiences shape us. A belief can be changed by events that happen in one's daily life. For example, if someone is a smoker and they get diagnosed with lung cancer then their beliefs will change because of this event. Desire