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Memes are How Culture Moves

Memes may not be what you think at first.  You might think that memes are little clips of video, captioned with text that get passed around the Internet. But memes are much more than that.  They are ideas, behaviors, and practices that are passed between people like genes. Memes are the cultural equivalent of DNA.  They are at the core, the foundation, the basic building blocks, the mortar, the bricks of culture. It is now well known that our behavior is not simply the sum total of our thoughts, but rather the result of behavioral patterns that are transmitted through the cultural environment.  How we act is largely determined not by our conscious thoughts, but by the world around us.  Memes are the cultural equivalent of genes, and they inform our behavior.  Memes are the tools we use to communicate our ideas and feelings to others, and they can spread like wildfire. Memes are how culture moves.