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20 Quotes of Al-Ghazali: A Creative Genius

Al-Ghazali was one of the greatest philosophers in history. His works have been translated into almost all the major languages of the world. He encouraged people to engage in life with more zest and enthusiasm. His quotes has been quoted by numerous influential figures in different fields, including Gurdjieff, Gandhi, Lincoln and many others. Al-Ghazali’s philosophy is primarily based on rationality and self-reflection, which are key concepts in modern-day cognitive psychology. He also wrote on ethics and the place of human reason in religion, particularly in relation to Islam's relationship with philosophy and science. His most important work "The Incoherence of the Philosophers" is often cited by philosophers as an example of "a philosophical argument so absurd that it cannot be believed". Al-Ghazali's work is still studied today by many religious scholars. His thought has served as inspiration for many. Al-Ghazali is known for his creative quotes that giv

20 Quotes of Ibn Khaldun: The Father of Sociology

Ibn Khaldun is recognized as the "father of sociology." He was a medieval Islamic scholar who took an empirical approach to study humans. Ibn Khaldun’s work discusses the group dynamics of humans and how they can be influenced by power struggles. Ibn Khaldun has influenced many twentieth-century thinkers such as Franz Boas, Max Weber, Jean-Jacques Rousseau, and Karl Marx. He influenced other Muslim thinkers like Taqi al-Din al-Nabhani who used Ibn Khaldun's ideas in his writings on Sufism. Ibn Khaldun was the first to use the modern term "civilization." He also developed sociology as a discipline that studies society itself rather than individual behavior. His ideas on social change and development were ahead of his time and had a significant impact on later social theorists such as Karl Marx. The following are some of his famous quotes: 1) "The best social scientists are those who learn from their predecessors, correct what they find to be wrong, add what