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Groupthink: The Impact of Having a Few Voices in the Room

Groupthink is an individual's inability to think and act independently.  It is a cognitive bias in which people will unconsciously mimic the opinions of those they perceive as part of their in-group, even if those opinions are not always rational. The effect of groupthink on an organization can be disastrous; it can impede organizational learning and progress, cause poor decisions and even lead to organizational collapse. Everyone is guilty of groupthink at some point in their lives. It’s not an individual issue, but rather a human condition that stems from our desire to be accepted by those around us. Groupthink leaves little room for talking openly about disagreements and can result in loss of creativity and innovation. It is getting more important for organizations to have a culture that encourages individuals to think for themselves and question group decisions. It is important for business leaders to make sure they are not susceptible to groupthink. To do that, they need to ha