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Your attention is a powerful tool.  Whether positive or negative, your attitude towards life determines what you attract.  If you want to find peace, love and success in your life, then you need to pay attention to those things. Attention is, however, difficult because we are constantly bombarded with messages. The messages that tend to stand out the most are the ones that are negative or threaten our well-being.  The common answer to this problem is “to avoid negative messages and to focus on the positive ones”. However, this is just a temporary fix.  The truth is that if you want to attract positive things into your life, then you also need to pay attention to them first.  For example, if you like art, then you need to look at the beautiful artwork and turn it into a verbal appreciation.  By doing this, you will start noticing the beauty in the artwork and that will turn it into a positive statement.

The Potential

We have the potential to be great, we also have the potential to opposite of great… we have both potentials.   Two sides … bright side and shadow side.     It all depends on choice.     Choice is the superpower many of us are not aware of … someday something happens, some major event that changes the trajectory of our lives and we begin to think and reflect about our life and the choices we’ve made.    And we decide to heal and grow. To change and transform… to actualize … find a purpose and a passion… pursue a goal or mission   Self awareness is the waking up to the superpower of choice and discipline to follow the path of healing and growth… based on the principle of truth.   Knowledge is the path to the mountain of wisdom.  There are many challenges along the way… many dragons have to be slayed. The clarity you gain is worth the effort…   Student: Teacher what are these dragons that you often talk about? Teacher: Dragons are your bad habits. Student.  Why is it so hard to change bad

Living in the Moment

Do you ever feel like your life is a roller coaster? Well, you’re not alone. People go through highs and lows. But the trick to surviving these ups and downs is to look at the bigger picture periodically. Sometimes, when work/school/whatever is stressful, all you want to do is escape. But deep down, you know this is temporary. Life is short. Don’t underestimate it. Try to see the good in everything. This quote is pretty popular right now. But it's true. This is why we should appreciate our surroundings and the people in it. All of the world’s beauty is in small things. Are you sad? Sad because of relationships? Your financial situation? Try to take a step back. Look at the bigger picture. Let go of your attachment to material things. What do material things really mean to you? (Answer: not much.) Live for the moment.