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What is Human Nature?

Humans are inherently natural beings, which means that all of our emotions and behaviors are subject to the laws of human nature. What is human nature? Human nature is the term we use to refer to the inherent tendencies and impulses that drive humans. The urges that reach our mind, body, and soul tell us what we like and don’t like in life. It’s not just our personality traits (though those help shape what we want), but also everything else about us. These include inner feelings, beliefs, attitudes, etc.  The study of human nature is broad as it includes many different fields like psychology, sociology, anthropology, economics, and neuroscience. They study how people behave and try to understand why they do what they do as a way of understanding their personalities.  Human nature refers to the ways in which human beings have evolved biologically and psychologically as a result of natural selection over millions of years within different environments. Humans have evolved in such a way t