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Personal Strategy

Strategy is more than marketing and more than finance. Strategy is the way of life to prosper.  A personal strategy can be summarized as a person’s ability to solve problems, take action, and create opportunities in their life.  It's not about doing more things; it's about doing what you're good at, becoming better at it, and being successful.  There are two components in a personal strategy: intellect and intuition. Intellect is the rational and logical part of the strategy while intuition is the emotional and subconscious part. The intellect is the power of the mind.  It’s comprised of knowledge, skills, and capacities. Intellect provides us with insights, perspectives, and ideas that help us make decisions.  Intuition is the power of the heart.  It’s comprised of creativity, emotions, and feelings. Intuition helps us make decisions based on gut feelings and gut reactions that lead to creative ideas. A personal strategy is a combination of both intellect and intuition to