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The Art of Self-Education: How to Become a Self-Educator

Self-education is a lifelong process of study and intellectual development. It is a process in which an individual educates oneself without the direct supervision of an instructor or institution.  A self-educator is someone who takes initiative and responsibility for his or her own education and advancement. The person will take advantage of opportunities to learn, and will actively seek out knowledge to fill the gaps in their understanding. The self-educator understands that progress is not a given, but rather something that must be earned with discipline and dedication. Some people may think that they are born smart and don’t need to learn anything else in their lives. They believe that the only person who needs to work hard is the person who wants to climb up the social ladder. These people might not be aware of what it means to become a self-educator and how it could change their lives for the better. Self-education is a personal journey through life that can lead to a better under