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What's The Deal With Humor?

Humor is the freedom of mind and soul.  It is a purifying force, like fire in all respects: destroying what it consumes and leaving behind only what is pure. The pure soul is the one that has the ability to be humorous. It can see all things for what they are and can express itself in a way that will make others laugh at their own ignorance. These people are rare, but they do exist. Humor is also a quality of the soul that has been purified by suffering. In order to be funny, one must have a sense of humor. However, not everyone has a sense of humor or can appreciate it. This requires a sense of tragedy, a sense of the absurd, and a keen understanding of human nature. Humor requires learning to understand other people's minds and how they work. It means understanding their prejudices and biases. It also requires a sense of how other people see the world so that you can make them think one thing when they are expecting another. Humor also requires an ability to laugh at oneself. Hum

What is Humor?

Humor is the tendency to perceive something as funny, to crack jokes, or to tell humorous stories. Humor is a human trait that can be culturally-bound which means humor is not universal. Some cultures are more open to laughing than others. However, there are some universal aspects of humor that can also be found in many different cultures worldwide. Humor can be broadly divided into two types - incongruity theory and relief theory. Incongruity theory is when something that does not make sense comes together as a joke and relief theory focuses on releasing tension or stress through laughter. Humor is used as a tool to teach people valuable lessons, help relieve depression, or just give life meaning. There are many ways in which humor can benefit society and individuals. Humor can be seen as a form of self-therapy for those who use it because they need to laugh at something in order to make themselves feel better. It also has been shown that humor helps us connect with other people more