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Ideas Can Change the World

We are all familiar with the idea of innovation. It is the process of invention, design, and implementation of new ideas.  An idea is a thought or thought process that leads to a solution to a problem. It is one of the key elements of creativity and innovation.   There are so many different factors that contribute to an idea's success or failure. Ideas can be created by anyone in any era. Sometimes, ideas are even subverted from what they originally were intended to do and become something completely different than what they started as. History of ideas is a fascinating and vast subject. It encompasses many topics from the beginning of human civilization to the present day. From random thoughts to scientific discoveries, a broad range of subjects are covered by this topic. Virtually every aspect of human existence can be found in the history of ideas. Some examples include religion, science, society, culture, morality, etc. For example: How did ancient people come up with ideas? Wh