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Power of Stories

Let me tell you a story about the famous Persian folk character, Nasruddin. One day, he was sitting under a tree when he saw a man coming. “What are you doing?” asked the man. “I am thinking of what I should do with my life,” said Nasruddin. The man sat down and told him his life story. Nasruddin listened to it carefully and then said: ‘You are not thinking of what you should do with your life; you are thinking of what your life is doing to you! You should be thinking about how to make your life happen!’ We are all drawn to stories. They give us hope, inspiration, and a sense of belonging. Great stories can change the world.  A story can be about anything - a personal experience, an event that happened in your life or someone else’s life.  It is said that a story can make you laugh or cry, but it can also make you think and learn something new about yourself or others.  Stories are powerful because they allow people to connect with one another through emotion and empathy which makes th

Strategy is About Transformation

Strategy is not just planning, it’s transformation. A strategy is a plan of action, or a set of coordinated actions used to achieve a strategic goal.   Strategies are usually created to improve an organization’s performance. A strategic goal incorporates all the key elements of an organization's values and vision.   Strategy is at the core of an organization and without a good strategy, no performance will be achieved.   Strategic plans help organizations to reach their goals. These goals will be achieved when there is a good synergy between the different departments in an organization.   Different people have different working styles. For some, it is important to focus on the big picture, while for others, it is important to focus on small details.   A strategy is not only about planning but also about transformation, because transformation is what makes the strategy work.   Strategy is not just planning, it’s about people.   Successful strategy involves both analysis and action. 

The Bridge Between Dreams and Reality

  Strategy is a way to plan, preparation and action.    The discipline of strategy is what will bridge the gap between your vision and reality. Without it, you will be left with an idea that has no way to get to where you want it to go.    Strategy is what helps you explore all your options and decide on the best course of action for achieving your goals.   There are also many different ways you can use strategy, like in sports and business.  For example, in chess, a chess player needs to have a good strategy to win the game.   Your life is also like a chess game. Like in a game, your life is a puzzle. You will face different situations and needs, but a strategy will help you solve these problems.   Here are the two types of strategy:   1. Tactical strategy - The tactical strategy is the way you will manage to achieve the goal.   2. Strategic strategy - This strategy is how you will play the overall game of your life.   Here are some questions you can ask yourself when creating a strat

Leadership and Storytelling

Leadership is not just about gaining followers. It is about gaining value.   Great leaders are great storytellers.   A leader is not a boss. A leader is someone who has the potential to inspire, motivate, and impact others.    A true leader teaches others about how to do great things and encourages them to explore their potential.    A leader does not just see people as merely assets to be exploited; a leader sees the people as assets to be transformed.    Leaders are the great storytellers who can turn the most boring stories into the most inspiring stories. They turn the mundane into magic, turning even the hardest of tasks into exciting adventures.    Great leaders are great storytellers because great leaders know how to tell a great story.    Leaders do not need to have extraordinary qualities. They only need the potential of extraordinary qualities.    Leaders are not born; they are made through great stories.    Here are some tips on storytelling:   1- Share inspiring stories fro

The Spark of Creativity

Creativity isn’t just for artists.   Creativity is something that everyone possesses. It is an inherent part of everyone’s being.   Creativity has many layers and aspects to it. Some people are more rooted in their creativity than others.   Creativity can be applied to different areas of your life. It can be at work or in your personal life.   The first aspect of creativity that you need to focus on is self-expression.   This means letting your creativity flow, without worrying about what other people will think of it.   The next step is learning how creativity can help you. Perhaps you would like to start a business, or a creative venture. One way to do so is to use your creative ideas.   You can learn how to identify the opportunities around you.    It’s all about learning.    When you learn, you usually learn something new. For example, you learn how to identify threats and opportunities.    You can learn how to market yourself.    You can also learn how you can better interact with

The Butterfly Effect

What is a butterfly effect? It’s when a small change in one situation can have a big effect somewhere else. For example, if you rub your thumb into your eye, it could lead to a small inflammation that would develop into a bigger eye infection. Imagine how many tiny interactions are happening around you everyday. A butterfly effect happens because everything is connected in a never-ending, interconnected web, so even the smallest action can have a large impact on your life. Our decisions have consequences. Whatever we do, whether it’s a small action or a large one, affects other people. Every action we make, whether big or small, is an affectation on our world. Life is not static.  Everything changes, everything is in motion, things change and so do people. Even if we think we know where we want to go, we seldom know where we end up.

The Two Mindsets

Mindset plays an important role in achieving your goals.  A mindset is a psychological construct that determines how you view yourself, other people and the world.  A positive mindset is important because it helps you get through difficulty and achieve your goals. Your mindset plays an important role in your success and you can achieve almost anything when you believe in yourself. Here are 2 mindsets that you should try to remember: 1- The growth mindset. 2- The fixed mindset. The growth mindset is a positive mindset that empowers people by teaching them that they can always learn and improve. People with the growth mindset believe that intelligence is not fixed. The fixed mindset is the opposite of the growth mindset. It is a mindset that believes intelligence is static and that the way you think about yourself defines how intelligent you are.